Central MAT Team
Schools within Shoeburyness have a tradition of working together for the benefit of the young people in our community. SECAT’s vision is to become the most outstanding Educational Partnership nationally through achieving outstanding outcomes for the young people in our community. We will do this by providing an engaging, challenging and linear experience from 3 to 18 which equips young people to live happy and successful lives.
The Central MAT team currently operate from Shoeburyness High School. The CEO, Deputy Executive Officer, SECAT Business Manager, Chief Finance Officer and Clerk all have responsibilities within the MAT. With the exception of the CFO all other members have additional responsibilities outside the central MAT operations.
SECAT has a responsibility to all students who attend any partnership school; to ensure they receive the best provision possible. This is what we intend to do; to make full and flexible use of all the expertise, resources and facilities across the Trust for the benefit of all.

Each school has a Local Governing Body, to which the Academy Trust Board delegate power and responsibilities.