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Central Trust Team

It is an exciting time to be leading the Trust. Some of our schools have new leaders and many staff have migrated towards the excellent schools we have in Shoeburyness. 

I look forward to continuing to develop the curriculum, leadership and sustainability of the Trust. Our aim is always to work with our local community. This will continue as will our work with other MATs and schools in the surrounding areas.

Together, we will make a difference to children and young people's lives.'

Ruth Brock
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Schools within Shoeburyness have a tradition of working together for the benefit of the young people in our community. SECAT’s vision is that we work towards enhancing the life chances and prosperity of our pupils and to equip them for adult life.

Whilst keeping each school’s individual character, we encourage our staff to share best practice and knowledge to further benefit our pupils.  We are passionate about educating and encouraging our pupils to become active, successful citizens and to have the confidence to meet any challenge they face.

We will do this by providing an engaging, challenging and linear experience from 3 to 19 which equips young people to live happy and successful lives.

The Central Multi-Academy Trust Head Office is based at SECAT House, which is in the grounds of Thorpedene Primary School, one of the 6 schools in our MAT. The Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director and PA to the central team, all operate from SECAT House.

The Central Finance Team, Central HR Team and Central ICT Team are all based in schools within the MAT; the Central Finance Team and the Central ICT Team both operate from Shoeburyness High School and the Central HR Team operates from Richmond Avenue Primary School. 

SECAT has a responsibility to ensure all our young people receive the best provision possible. This is what we intend to do; to make full and flexible use of all the expertise, resources and facilities across the Trust for the benefit of all.

Each school has an Academy Committee, to which the Academy Trust Board delegate power and responsibilities.

Ruth Brock - SECAT Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ben Stickley - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Debbie Trumble - Deputy Chief Operating Officer (DCOO)

Jan D'eca – HR Manager

   Joanne Ayris - PA to Executive Team 

Terry Dignam – Trust ICT Manager

Alex Baldwin - Trust Estates Manager 

Clare Costello - Headteacher

Shoeburyness High School

Steph Champney - Headteacher

Thorpedene Primary School

Kate Moneypenny - Headteacher

Richmond Avenue Primary School

Lynn Cooney - Headteacher

Bournes Green Infant and Junior School


Alison Waite - Headteacher

Hinguar Primary School & Nursery